We help improve your operations by properly implementing the right program portfolio

What we do
We help organizations to improve their operations. We evaluate the improvement program portfolio, implementation capability and barriers. We also support in the selection, planning and implementation of the right improvement initiatives with regard to technology, methods and tools. Tailored to the business phase, existing knowledge and implementation readiness. Preventing complexity, serial adoption and unsuccessful implementation of initiatives. Improving performance and competitiveness. Effective and efficient.

Why we do it
Operations are the engine of every organization and create the bridge between strategy and execution. Operations make long-term competitiveness possible; it is the platform within which core competencies are present. Managers indicate that organizations can still realize 40% potential business value through better execution. Moreover, new markets and technological innovations offer further operational improvements.

How we do it
We have developed a complete improvement model based on the best practices and applications in different market segments. Moreover, we have built up an expertise network and knowledge base that specify the possible improvement initiatives. Based on this, we help organizations to assess, define and implement their improvement cycle and program portfolio. We have developed three service modules that are all-inclusive.

Our service modules

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Business idea

The business is just a thought or an idea.

Start up

Products or services are in production and first launching customers.


Revenues and customers are increasing with many new opportunities and issues. Profits are strong, but competition is surfacing.


Business has now matured into a thriving company with a place in the market and loyal customers. Sales growth is not explosive but manageable. Business life has become more routine.


New period of growth into new markets and distribution channels.


Year over year sales and profits tend to be stable, however competition remains fierce. Eventually sales start to fall off and a decision is needed whether to expand or exit the company.