A producer of food products had made several acquisitions. Due to the rapid follow-up of the various acquisitions, insufficient attention was paid to good integration.

Management had asked us to determine the most important improvement initiatives, to implement an improvement methodology and culture that would achieve this.

Activities and results
Firstly, we screened the organization, bringing improvement managers and coordinators together. Based on this and our I-CYCLE TM methodology, we have reviewed the current improvement portfolio and barriers. Together with the expert stakeholders we selected and implemented various methods for the analysis and brainstorming phase, including: “Organizational Headcount Analysis”, “Overall Equipment Effectiveness Analysis”, “Rapid Plant Assessment”, “Spend Analysis” and “Zero Based Budgeting”. The different methods and tools were integrated and customized to the company and named operational excellence program to prevent confusion and complexity.
The results of the analyses were discussed during various workshops. Based on this improvement initiatives were then defined and planned. Program managers were selected or hired and a program management office established to monitor progress and secure results.