A company that distributes medical products was interested in selling own brands. With this, they wanted to be less dependent on leading brands, achieve higher customer loyalty and achieve better margins.

Management asked us to determine whether own brands would be a viable initiative and to help define and implement the approach.

Activities and results
We have started to analyze the commercial data. We have applied the “Portfolio Analysis“, “Market Analysis” and “Decision Tree” tools. Collected commercial, market data and implemented a business intelligence tool which allowed our customer to define the most promising categories based several criteria. We have prepared and conducted customer interviews to determine existing and potential demand.
In consultation with expert stakeholders the category plans were defined.
Based on the input above, we have determined the optimal product portfolio, specifications and pricing.
To then perform a “Supply market analysis”, to determine the most favorable production areas and suppliers. Followed up by the design of the optimal supply chain with regard to forecasting, purchase-2-pay and distribution.