Has your Organization the Right Roadmap?


Strategy Without Execution Is Hallucination…

Success requires the right strategy, but above all the capability to execute the strategy. Execution cannot succeed unless the strategy itself is designed to be executable

Strategies usually fail because they are too generic, not addressing the right questions or not executed properly. Knowing what and why to improve is therefore essential for any organization. This should be captured in a roadmap

A roadmap is a bridge between strategy and execution. It defines the key outcomes that must be delivered over a particular time horizon in order to achieve the organization’s strategy. It describes clearly which of the organization’s capabilities, gaps and priorities must be addressed. Giving guidance to the organization

IC helps to gain actionable insights to develop the right roadmap. Furthermore, we organize workshops guided by facilitators and subject matter experts. Ultimately, we develop in collaboration with your organization the roadmap to high competitiveness and performances. Comprising of a detailed description of your organization’s true value potential, the related journey and short- and long-term planning

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What we do?

First of all, we help you to obtain perspectives from different angles on how to improve your business. We do this by offering 360 degrees insights based on interviews, surveys and analyses. Furthermore, we organize knowledge events based on your needs to collect and apply specific knowledge. Followed up by designing your multiyear roadmap. Being practical, executionable and leading to results on short- and long-term

Our services are modular and can be configured to your wishes. We prefer to commit to developing and executing the roadmap based on a performance contract

step 1

360 Degrees Insights

Roadmap development needs actional insights to define the right steps and requirements. We help you to create insights by organizing interviews, surveys, and analyses

We apply different perspectives to collect insights. Varying from customers, investors, suppliers, similar companies and employees

It enables you to gain insights into the value potential, how to improve your business and realize the strategy

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Workshops can be time-saving and very powerful. It can lead to profound changes in behaviour, collaboration and the ability to mobilize energy and knowledge from different stakeholders

It allows you to stay informed, discuss ideas, solve problems, make collective decisions and also helps in team building

We design, organize and manage workshops for you, including inspiring locations and necessary facilities

In addition, we provide the best experts, specialists, facilitators and moderators to optimize the results of the event

step 3

Roadmap Design

Roadmaps cover the six fundamental questions associated with the roadmap structure (why, what, how, when, who and where)

It will create a description and vizualization of how your organization we will develop and improve its business. Connecting objectives, goals, challenges and capabilities 

We help you to design your roadmap. Depending on your situation will customize the roadmap structure and format as needed. Tailored to the business phase and translated to every tier of your organization

Do you want to know more?

Are you curious where you stand with improvement management within your organization? How much improvement potential is there? Please contact us, we are happy to perform a Quick Scan or come by for an introductory meeting