Identify and remove the barriers that slow down your improvement cycle

We have developed the I-CYCLE ™ model based on best practices and applications in different market segments. We use this model to assess your improvement capacity and identify implementation barriers. Below you will find a brief description of how we see each step of the model.


  • Assess availability and utilization of information
  • Collect company, customer and market data
  • Implement analytical tools
  • Analyze and create insights


  • Execute surveys and interviews with stakeholders
  • Company wide brainstorm sessions/ workshops
  • Agree on problems, risks and opportunities
  • Create new perspectives as well as new combinations


  • Define the initiative and project portfolio
  • Select planning methods
  • Detailed planning projects and actions
  • Plan resources


  • Implement project organization
  • Put mechanisms in place to response effectively to changes
  • Communication between stakeholders
  • Execute actions, measure progress, learn and adjust


  • Adjust organization, operating model, standard-operating-procedures and metrics reports
  • Define and hand over tasks and responsibilities


  • Plan demand and capacity
  • Allocate, source and coordinate resources
  • Identify and solve capacity problems