Build, translate and execute the strategy efficiently and effectively

Build your strategy
Dozens of regional economic hubs are bursting with activity and rapid development. Providing companies new growth opportunities but also confronting them with rapid technological innovations and new competitors. Challenges that are hard to overcome and require flexibility and adaptation. An annual strategic review, analysis and planning will not lead automatically to a winning strategy. According to research approximately 70% of companies fail to accomplish their strategic initiatives and objectives. Strategy development and planning should be a continuous process taking progress and changes into consideration.

Translate your strategy
It is relevant to understanding what your business plan should look like, what’s working the way it should, and what isn’t. You need to translate strategy into everyday processes and capabilities — and to communicate it so that everyone in the organization understands what they should be doing. Defining visible programs to build the key capabilities your organization needs to win. Building specific connections between strategy and the budgeting process so you’re reallocating funds to where they matter most. Have mechanisms in place that translate the strategy into personal goals and rewards for managers and employees.

Execute your strategy
Within any company competitive success corresponds to the available resource base used to implement strategies. Resources that establish a competitive advantage relative to its competitors. It is the platform in which reside core competences. Experience has proven that the right strategy must be coupled with the right tangible and intangible resources. The goal should be to achieve maximum integration of existing resources and unleashing of capabilities as demanded. Motivate employees to understand what they’re doing connects to the important levers. Enable employees to work together across organizational silos to tackle the cross functional challenges that allow the company to win.