Do you have Enough Resources Available to implement your Roadmap?


Resources are critical to the implementation success of your roadmap. Adding up all resource requirements from cross functional initiatives often lead to bottlenecks due to resource constrains. Therefore, organizations need to find ways in finding resources to be able to deliver roadmap and strategic objectives. Such resources may include financial resources, human skills, production resources, or technology

IC supports you in executing sourcing internally and externally in the best way. Available internal resources will be reviewed in depth and prioritized to focus on the cross functional capabilities and initiatives that will help to achieve your roadmap. Making sure that they are fully utilized. Non-differentiating capabilities can be outsourced so you can focus your internal resources where it matters. If certain resources are still lacking, we’ll help you to source these in the best way

With this we increase the effectiveness, flexibility and future-proofing of your organization

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What we do?


We support the development and deployment of your resources. By evaluating whether the right resources are available and fully utilized internally. The outcomes will lesd to optimization initiatives. Based on this, we determine the need and execute sourcing activities. We support you by executing recruitment, interim management and external (out)sourcing of activities 

Our approach leads to full utilization and availability of the right resources in the right place. This enables you to build core capabilities at optimal total costs and achieve your roadmap. Focused on today’s demand but also on developing new capabilities to be successful in the future. Essential for improvements


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Organization Optimization

In order to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, we initially perform an organizational analysis. This determines the available and utilization of resources

Based on this, we define a multi-year planning per resource type. We also advise the best solutions with regard to internal, temporary and external resources

By optimizing your organization, you will make full use of the internal available resources. We can fill in any gaps in your organization through our recruitment, interim and (out)sourcing services

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Recruitment & Interim

Depending on the business phase and roadmap  your organiztion need specific (temporary) skills

We provide support in recruiting these skills. We can manage all or part of the recruitment process for you

Guarantee the best permament and interim candidates in a short time. Increase the hiring success rate through tailor-made onboarding and mentoring programs

We accompany every assignment, guaranteeing quality, consistency and value. If desired, we provide contract management to lower your administrative tasks and hiring risks

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Activities can be carried out internally if these demonstrably lead to advantages over external service providers. Otherwise, it may be better to (out)source activities

We help you to make outsourcing decisions. Define the quality and acceptance criteria

Select and contract the best service providers. Moreover, ensure contract conformity and results during the contract

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