We help to hire leadership and execution power. We are specialized in recruitment services for permanent, temporary and external resources. We recruit to accelerate change and make organizations future proof

Senior Leadership

Leadership is essential for any improvement. Depending on your business phase and desired changes you need specific skills

We are involved throughout the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to you selectively. Ensuring the proposed candidate meets all stated requirements, fit into the culture and business phase

Program & Change Management

Every Improvement Cycle, Roadmap or Initiative needs dedicated Program and Change Management resources. Activities that often can’t be done on top of already busy work schedules

We deliver the best Program and Change Managers on temporary or permanent basis

Specialists & Experts

Certain steps of an Improvement Cycle or Initiative need specialists or experts (e.g. communication, facilitation, analytics). Staffed internally or externally

We help to define the best staffing option, taking costs, quality and flexibility into account. Followed up by specifying requirements, searching and contracting

Service Providers

When hiring a Service Provider, do you know what you are getting in advance, what the quality and acceptance criteria should be? How to measure the results and contract compliance?

We help to make sure you select, contract the right Service Provider, define deliverables and manage performances

People matter when you are looking for Change and Improvements

Hire for potential, not experience. The first step in adjusting to change is to stop thinking about hiring as a matter of replacing specific employees

Look beyond the immediate needs but also consider what skills the larger organization must acquire to succeed in the future. And to which extend it should be executed internally or externally