Is your organization capable to improve and do things right?


Improvement Capability is required to successfully implement a roadmap and achieve your strategic objectives. Capabilities are developed by integrating resources and deploying them correctly. Resulting in an organization’s collective skills, capabilities, and expertise that contribute substantially to a company’s success and ability to achieve a desired end result

Based on several studies, various building blocks have been identified that are essential to build up your Improvement Capability. These building blocks can be implemented sequentially depending on the actual needs and readiness of your organization

It enables your organization to collaborate, systematically develop and deploy methods, tools and knowledge to change organization, processes, technology, products and services to achieve better and sustainable performance

Would you like to know which building blocks your organization needs and how to implement them? We are happy to carry out an Improvement Scan


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Wat we do?

Pi.D helps to develop Improvement Capability at every tier of your organization. By specifying and selecting the right building blocks. Adapted to your current competency level, business stage and defined roadmap. So that your organization gains the power to achieve more results and much faster

Thereby, we commit ourselves to implementing improvements and achieving better results  By managing the program we ensure that the implementation and changes are fully supported and applied by the organization. That the full value of organization is captured 

Product 2A

Specify & Select

We help to specify the required building blocks in detail. By executing a detailed assessment

Based on the gaps we will review the best solutions internally and externally available

Selected solutions will be specified in detail. Including user and quality criteria 

Being solution independent, we are able to guarantee the best functionality, services, costs and return

Product 2B

Program Design

We will help you to develop a program that will deliver the selected building blocks and related solutions

By helping you to define the program approach, organization and planning 

Establishing a professional program management office and delivering the required infrastructure

Product 2C

Program & Transformation

We will lead the implementation and changes in your organization

Monitoring and guaranteeing the realisation of the program scope

Ensuring full acceptance, application of the solutions and capturing the full value

Do you want to know more?

Are you curious where you stand with improvement management within your organization? How much improvement potential is there? Please contact us, we are happy to perform a Quick Scan or come by for an introductory meeting